#TheFoodCalendar – July 2016

thefoodcalendar july 2016

Hi everyone and welcome to the newly named #TheFoodCalendar linky (it was my #FoodYearLinkup in case you couldn’t work that out :-) ).

With the miserable and un-summery weather we’ve been having over the last month, I’ve kept myself busy sat indoors doing a spot of rebranding. I suspect the miserable weather is actually all my fault as I happily mentioned enjoying lots of BBQs in the last linkup post – my garden has been thoroughly waterlogged ever since so sorry about that!

Along with the name change I’m also making a few changes to how the linky works (nothing too major, don’t worry). I’d love it if #TheFoodCalendar could become more than just a linky, so I’ve created more ways to join and share your posts, pictures and general thoughts about all of the events in the calendar.

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One-Tray Baked Salmon


There are two reasons I’ve created this recipe to share with you (well actually three if you include the fact that it’s yummy and that should be reason enough by itself!). This first is that I’ve developed a real liking for this super low effort cooking malarky. Looking back through my recent recipes it definitely seems to have become a bit of a theme with me (3-minute lasagne, easy Irish stew, and one-tray roast chicken to name a few). I feel like I’ve been so busy recently and without a selection of easy dinners to choose from I very much suspect we’d default back to beans on toast several nights a week (we still do that a bit because despite my best cooking efforts it’s one of the boys’ absolute favourites – a fact which hurts me every time they tell me!).

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How To Temper Chocolate (Video Tutorial)

how to temper chocolate title

I remember when I first saw chocolate being tempered (on a Paul Hollywood cooking programme a few years ago – I think it was called Pies & Puds), there was a guest tempering chocolate on a huge slab of marble spreading the chocolate around and scraping it back up again, all the while explaining that if you did it right you’d end up with beautifully tempered chocolate that you could use for your homemade chocolate making. I remember at that time feeling pretty confident that I would never try it, for starters the chances of my chocolate pouring off the edges of the marble slab and all over my kitchen seemed pretty high. I also had no idea how you were supposed to know whether you were doing all the spreading and scraping right to actually end up with chocolate worth using.

Fortunately I discovered a far easier technique, one where you can have a lot more certainty in what you’re doing and there’s no chance you’ll end up with your kitchen dripping in escaped chocolate.

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GIVEAWAY: Win A Voucher For The Juice Premium Worth £36

juice premium giveaway june 16

I’m back with my monthly The Juice Premium giveaway, your chance to win a voucher worth £36 to treat yourself to a selection of delicious juices from their online store.

The Juice Premium is a cold-pressed apple juice which also features other traditional British fruits (and a few vegetables too) such as pears, strawberries, and even carrots with no additives or preservatives. My current favourite flavour is the apple and strawberry, it’s really yummy.

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Building My Blog – May 2016

building my blog may 2016 title

Welcome to my 23rd monthly blog update, all about what I got up to behind the scenes of Charlotte’s Lively Kitchen in May 2016.

This month I’m going to be sharing an awards update, my new photography boards and a little bit of technical geekery (embedding excel calculations into wordpress posts).

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#FoodYearLinkup – June 2016

Food Year Linkup June 2016 2

Hello again, I hope you’re all outside enjoying this beautiful sunshine. I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog this week as it’s half term and we’ve been far too busy enjoying ourselves with trips to the beach, zoo and local country parks, we’ve even managed to sneak in a couple of BBQs in the evening too (well it is National BBQ week :-) ). What have you all been up to?

Once again I’m back with my monthly monthly #FoodYearLinkup the place to share and discover lots of foodie inspiration for events in June. Once again it’s absolutely jam packed with events so hopefully there’s plenty here to inspire you.

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No-Churn Mojito Ice Cream


A few weeks ago I shared my recipe for Churro Taco Bowls with Mexican Hot Chocolate and Margarita Ice Creams. During the recipe creation process I got temporarily muddled with my countries and also made some Mojito ice cream (mojito is Cuban and I was trying to create recipes with Mexican flavours). Whilst being Cuban inspired it wasn’t right for that particular recipe, it was too nice not to share, so here it is!

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3-Minute Mediterranean Vegetable Lasagne


This post is sponsored by Iceland

I’m really excited to be back with another post for Iceland (if you didn’t see my salmon and sweet potato fishcakes then I’d really recommend you give those a try too).

This time their challenge was to create a recipe showing how using frozen foods can help to save time in the kitchen. I’ve talked before about how I’m always on the lookout for ways to cut how much time I spend cooking, so this challenge was one I was definitely excited about giving a try. Don’t get me wrong, I love pottering around in the kitchen as much as I can, but with two young children there are days when as much as I’d love to have 2 hours to lovingly prepare something delicious to eat – it’s simply not practical.

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Easy Nutella Cupcakes


Following on from my Nutella buttercream, here’s my recipe for those Nutella cupcakes that the buttercream was piped all over the top of…

This recipe is born out of the fact that I can’t resist a bit of a recipe challenge. A couple of month’s ago was world Nutella day and Ros from The More Than Occasional Baker shared her recipe for 3-ingredient Nutella brownies in my Food Year Linkup. The idea behind the brownies is that due to the fat and sugar content of Nutella it could be used as a substitute for both the butter and sugar in the brownie recipe. It got me wondering whether the same principle would hold true for cupcakes too.

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