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3-Minute Mediterranean Vegetable Lasagne

Mediterranean Vegetable Lasagne 7

This post is sponsored by Iceland

I’m really excited to be back with another post for Iceland (if you didn’t see my salmon and sweet potato fishcakes then I’d really recommend you give those a try too).

This time their challenge was to create a recipe showing how using frozen foods can help to save time in the kitchen. I’ve talked before about how I’m always on the lookout for ways to cut how much time I spend cooking, so this challenge was one I was definitely excited about giving a try. Don’t get me wrong, I love pottering around in the kitchen as much as I can, but with two young children there are days when as much as I’d love to have 2 hours to lovingly prepare something delicious to eat – it’s simply not practical.

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Easy Nutella Cupcakes

Nutella Cupcake 2

Following on from my Nutella buttercream, here’s my recipe for those Nutella cupcakes that the buttercream was piped all over the top of…

This recipe is born out of the fact that I can’t resist a bit of a recipe challenge. A couple of month’s ago was world Nutella day and Ros from The More Than Occasional Baker shared her recipe for 3-ingredient Nutella brownies in my Food Year Linkup. The idea behind the brownies is that due to the fat and sugar content of Nutella it could be used as a substitute for both the butter and sugar in the brownie recipe. It got me wondering whether the same principle would hold true for cupcakes too.

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Nutella Buttercream

Nutella Buttercream 7

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was going to share my recipe for Nutella cupcakes and if you follow me on… well any social media really, you will have noticed that last week I decided my willpower was strong enough to not eat all of them if I made them.

It turns out I was wrong, I don’t have nearly enough willpower and simply couldn’t resist giving them a try. But, it you’re going to crack and eat something a bit naughty, I’d suggest that Nutella cupcakes are definitely the way to go :-)

I was going to dive straight into posting the recipe for those cupcakes but then I decided that the buttercream deserved a post all to itself. Yes, it’s the perfect Nutella-y topping for the cupcakes, but it’s also yummy in it’s own right and it would make a brilliant topping to all sorts of other flavours of cupcakes, birthday cakes, layer cakes or anywhere else you might want use a bit of buttercream.

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How To Get My Birthday Cake Recipe To Fit Your Tin and Other FAQs

birthday cake faqs title

One post on my blog that’s always popular is my all-in-one vanilla sponge birthday cake. It’s the recipe I use for almost all of my family’s birthday cakes and I absolutely love the idea that people are making and enjoying this on their family birthdays too.

However, it seems that popularity comes with lots of questions and I’m finding similar ones coming up again and again. People have told me that they’ve been scrolling through the comments to see if I’ve answered the questions before but with over 125 comments and counting it cannot be easy to spot the answer you’re looking for in amongst everything else. To try and help you all out I thought I’d pull together a quick post to answer all of your birthday cake FAQs as best I can and of course if I find new questions popping up in future I’ll add them in here.

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Building My Blog – April 2016

building my blog april 2016

Welcome to my 22nd monthly blog update, all about what I got up to behind the scenes of Charlotte’s Lively Kitchen in April 2016.

This month I’m going to be talking about awards, sponsored posts, fixing broken links, and of course whether I managed to get 100k page views again.

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Mexican Cheese Twists

mexican cheese twists 3

This post is sponsored by Old El Paso

As promised, I’m back with part 2 of my challenge from Old El Paso to create a new recipe using one of their Stand ‘N’ Stuff taco kits. As I explained before, I simply couldn’t resist splitting the kit up and creating two completely different Mexican inspired recipes. Yesterday it was my grown-up dessert of Churro Taco Bowls with Mexican Hot Chocolate and Margarita Ice Creams using the tacos from the kit, and today I’m back with another quick, simple and delicious recipe using the tomato sauce and herb topping mix – Mexican cheese twists. This one’s much more family friendly too, in fact I can’t seem to stop the boys (and that includes Jon!) polishing them all off!

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Churro Taco Bowls with Mexican Hot Chocolate and Margarita Ice Creams

Churro bowls with Mexican Ice Cream 6

This post is sponsored by Old El Paso

This Thursday (5th May) is Cinco de Mayo and to celebrate Old El Paso have challenged me to create a new recipe using one of their Stand ‘N’ Stuff dinner kits. We’re big fans of the old El Paso kits in my house, especially the Smokey BBQ fajita dinner kit. I’ll cook up the filling and pop it on the table along with a selection of extra bits and pieces (cheese, sour cream, guacamole, etc.), then we all dig in and build our own fajitas. One problem the boys have is that they’re incapable of holding a fajita without the filling falling out, so the soft taco bowls in these Stand ‘N’ Stuff kits are a brilliant alternative. They make it so much easier for the boys to enjoy Mexican food without getting in a mess. In fact they love them so much they keep asking to have their afternoon snacks served in them too!

However, for this challenge I decided to move away from a traditional Mexican dinner and create something a little different and a lot more grown up with the kit – an easy Mexican inspired dessert. So here are my Churro Taco Bowls with Mexican Hot Chocolate and Margarita Ice Creams.

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