Baileys Buttercream

It’s been at least a week since I last shared a buttercream recipe with you, so I thought it was about time I posted another one. This one is flavoured with one of my favourite things – Baileys Irish Cream 🙂

I’ve piped this buttercream onto some delicious Bailey’s cupcakes (recipe coming very soon) but it would also go brilliantly with other flavours such as vanilla, chocolate or coffee. As you know, I like to post my cupcakes and icing separately so you can mix-and-match the flavours to your heart’s content.

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Crispy Lamb and Pancakes


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I’ve mentioned before that a great way to introduce more lamb into your diet is by simply switching it it for other meats in your favourite dishes (as I did with these lamb fajitas). Today’s recipe is another one along these lines – crispy lamb and pancakes, switching the duck used in one of my favourite Chinese takeaway dishes for lamb…

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Beer Burgers with Beer Onion Jam


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I’ve mentioned before about how much I like using beer as an ingredient in my cooking, so when Expedia asked me to create a recipe using a beer from one of their list of Britain and Ireland’s Best Regional Breweries I was more than happy to take up the challenge…

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Gin & Lemon Scones


I love getting creative in the kitchen testing out new flavour combinations and scones are perfect for a bit of experimentation. The obvious way to tweak them is by adding extra bits such as the fruit in these very berry scones or the marzipan and mincemeat in this festive version. However, you can also get creative with the liquid you use in the recipe too, infusing the dough with lots of flavour. Usually I use milk for my scones, but I thought I’d have a go with gin instead and they taste amazing…

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White Chocolate Buttercream


My buttercream recipes seem to be very popular on here. I’ve had a few requests for a white chocolate version so not wanting to leave you without the recipes you need, here it is! If there’s a flavour of cake or buttercream that’s not on here but you’d like to see, then let me know and I’ll do my best to add it…

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Roast Leg of Lamb with Garlic & Herbs


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One food that I always love at this time of year is roast lamb and today’s recipe is one of my favourite ways to cook it. The roasted leg of lamb really speaks for itself in terms of flavour but also has subtle hints of garlic, mint and rosemary, three flavours that go with lamb extremely well (you’ll see them cropping up quite a lot in my lamb recipes)…

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Peanut Chicken Noodles


These peanut chicken noodles have become a bit of a go-to meal in our house over the last few weeks. Aside from being really yummy, they also have the advantage of being quick to make so perfect if you’re short of time, and they’re also extremely versatile. It’s the perfect meal for using up what you happen to have in the fridge, freezer or cupboard. Each time I’ve made it I’ve kept the sauce the same but varied pretty much everything else… skipping the noodles or switching them for veggie ones made with carrots, courgette or the stalk of the broccoli, taking out the chicken to make it vegetarian, chopping up whatever vegetables I happen to have in the fridge or even chucking in some frozen peppers, onions, carrots and sweetcorn…

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Lamb Fajitas


Sponsored by Tasty Easy Lamb.

If you’re not someone who eats a lot of lamb then I think it’s quite easy to get stuck and wonder what to cook with it aside from the traditional shepherd’s pie, chops or a roast, but it’s actually really versatile and can be substituted into pretty much anything you’d make with chicken, beef or pork.

Today’s recipe is one most people would make with beef or chicken, but I’d really recommend having a go at switching to lamb for a change…

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Lamb & Ale Pie (Real Ale Shepherd’s Pie)


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One thing I love about cooking is discovering new flavours that go together, especially when it’s flavours that you wouldn’t necessarily think to put together and today’s recipe is one of those creations.

My take on a traditional Shepherd’s pie with lamb mince, root vegetables and real ale, and topped with creamy mashed potato. I’ve been trying to perfect my shepherd’s pie for a while, but I’ve always found that it was lacking a little something – it had meatiness from the lamb, sweetness from the vegetables and saltiness from the stock but it needed just a hint of bitterness. A few weeks ago on a whim (figuring that beef and ale go well) I decided to add some real ale to my shepherd’s pie and the problem was solved – it is delicious.

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