Celebrating Christmas with Iceland (in July!)

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Anyone that follows me on social media will know that last Thursday I headed down to London to experience what Iceland and the #PowerOfFrozen has to offer this Christmas. It was my opportunity to experience Christmas Australian-style in 30°C heat on one of the hottest days of the year.

The best news from the event is that their award winning mince pies are back. I’m just hoping they get more into the shops this Christmas as my local store had sold out a few days before the big day last year (hint hint Iceland!). They’ve also got a mince pie selection featuring a few different flavours which I’m looking forward to trying when they’re released into the shops.

But it’s not just about the mince pies. The Iceland Christmas range has over 200 different products to see you through the festive period. Sadly I couldn’t sample them all but I had a very good go at it.

So will Iceland food feature in my kitchen this Christmas?

Quite simply, yes.

For me (and I suspect for many of you), Christmas dinner is one of the most important meals of the year. Everyone I know puts that little bit of extra effort into buying the best ingredients to make their dinner special. If I’m cooking on Christmas day then it means I’ll have my family to stay so I’ll want it to be as happy a time as possible – with great food and lots of fun.

The Iceland food I tried had a great balance between traditional and quirky, and as with much of the food that Iceland sells all year round, is excellent quality and good value. From what I saw it also looks quite low effort and whilst Christmas food is important, I hate it to get in the way of me enjoying time with my family, so the less work needed the better.

If you’re someone who’s not previously considered shopping in Iceland for your Christmas food then I’d really recommend you give it a try. I suspect you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you find. Even if you decide not to buy all of your Christmas food in store, then you’ll still discover some treats that you’ll want to stock up on to keep in the freezer ready for any guests over the festive period.

What you’ll find in Iceland this Christmas…

As I said before, the Iceland Christmas range features over 200 products including food for Christmas dinner, desserts and party food.

This year’s Christmas turkey comes with a honey and mustard dressing, which I absolutely loved. It adds a delicious little bit of sweetness to the turkey meaning you can skip the cranberry sauce – one less thing to worry about on Christmas day.

They’ve also got a whole selection of trimmings – pigs in blankets, stuffing, veggies. The carrots are shaped into little festive baubles which are served with mini romanesco Christmas trees! Whilst these are very cute to look at, I’m not sure I can be tempted away from my usual roasted veggies on the big day.

As well as everything for Christmas day dinner, the desserts looked amazing. We tried the Reveal Snowflake Cake with a brownie base, chocolate mousse and a hard chocolate shell. It’s served with a hot chocolate sauce which you pour over to reveal what’s inside. It’s very rich so definitely one for chocolate lovers.


There were so many delicious looking desserts but I particularly loved the look of this Luxury Raspberry & Pistachio Layered Pavlova and this super cute Snowman Christmas Cake.

Here’s little taste of a few other things on offer…

The event wasn’t all about the eating. I also had a bit of festive fun too.

Before I go I just wanted to share a little bit of excitement at their very grown up advent calendar with a little bottle of wine for each day of advent – great idea Iceland!









  1. The Snowflake Cake looks fabulous, I confess I’d never thought of using Iceland for Xmas bits before, but I’ll definitely be keeping them in mind this year!

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