An Afternoon in the Iceland Kitchen – Myth Busting & Fabulous Festive Food

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Last Friday I was invited as part of a group of food bloggers to visit the Iceland Kitchen at their head office near Chester. The purpose of the visit was to have a tour of their new test kitchens (over which I now have serious kitchen and photography studio envy!), to taste some of their Christmas treats (including a Christmas turkey cooked on a BBQ) and to bust some of the myths that exist about frozen food…

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Sprout Pencils: Review & Giveaway

A little while ago I was asked if I was interested in reviewing some Sprout Pencils and as soon as I read up a bit about them I jumped at the chance because, quite simply, they sounded fun.

For anyone that’s not seen them before (which I suspect quite a few of you will have based on the number of times I’ve spotted posts being shared about them in my Facebook feed), they’re the world’s first sustainable plantable pencil – a colouring pencil with seeds hidden away in the end. Once you’ve finished your colouring you stick them in some soil, give them a water and wait for them to grow…

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Raspberry Trifle Cupcakes

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As you know I am a bit of a fan of social media, I spend (probably a little bit too) much of my day browsing my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. So I was very excited to discover a new social network and, even better, one dedicated to one of my absolute favourite things – baking…

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Mince Pie Truffles

Hands up who’s getting excited about Christmas!

I’ve seen a few bloggers apologising for talking about Christmas too early this week, but I’m not going to. It’s mid-November, all the big Christmas ads are out on the TV (do you have a favourite?), the weather is rubbish and I need something to get excited about and what’s not to love about Christmas.

One of the many things I love is festive baking…

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Chocolate Birthday Cake Calculator

It seems that there’s a lot of love around for my Chocolate Birthday Cake Recipe and I’ve started to get requests for the quantities to make it in various different shapes and sizes. So far each time I’ve been asked I’ve tapped away in excel to work out what’s needed, but I thought it was about time I sorted out a calculator (just like my vanilla birthday cake calculator) so you can do it yourselves without waiting for me…

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Christmas Pudding for Stir Up Sunday

Sponsored by The Royal Mint

A few weeks ago I was challenged by the Royal Mint to make a Christmas Pudding with my boys. I’m going to admit right up front that until last week I’d never made a Christmas Pudding. In the years I’ve been responsible for cooking the Christmas dinner I’ve always got my Mum to make one and bring it along. From now on Mum has been sacked from this job (sorry Mum, you can still peel the vegetables on Christmas day 🙂 ) as we had so much fun making it together, mixing the ingredients, adding our silver six pence and making a special Christmas wish…

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GIVEAWAY: Win a Limited Edition Le Creuset Cocotte

I’m so excited today because I’ve teamed up with Steamer Trading to bring you the chance to win a really fantastic prize – a Le Creuset 90th Anniversary Limited Edition Original 1925 22cm Cocotte worth over £200!

One of my favourite ways to spend an hour or two without the boys is browsing cookware shops and, as I’ve mentioned before, Steamer Trading is one of my favourites. Their Chester store is like a Tardis, it looks tiny from the outside but it’s huge and it’s packed full of too many things I want to buy – shiny gadgets and beautiful cookware…

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12 Vegan Dinners That Everyone Will Love and #TheFoodCalendar November 2016

It’s time to let you know what’s in The Food Calendar for November. I hope you had a fun Halloween yesterday, my boys had a lovely time dressing up and handing out sweets to all the trick-or-treaters. We’re looking forward to heading out to our local firework display in Saturday and then I’m going to be getting into full on Christmas mode 🙂

Today marks World Vegan Day and the start of World Vegan Month so I’ve searched out some great vegan dinner recipes from around the web to share with you…

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