To Dip and Dip Again? The Philadelphia Flip & Dip Dilemma

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Philadelphia have recently launched their new Flip & Dip pots – whipped Philadelphia cream cheese with three delicious sauces, and they’re sure that they’ll turn even the more ardent anti-double dipper into someone who’ll want to dip, nibble and dip again.

The pots come in three delicious flavours – Sweet Chilli, Mexican Salsa and Caramelised Onion. I’ve tried (and enjoyed) them all, but the one with the edge for me is the caramelised onion – it’s yummy!

Are you a double dipper?

When it comes to dips the big question is do you double dip?

Personally unless I’m only sharing with my immediate family I’m a single dipper (unless I have a momentary lapse of concentration and absent mindedly dip again). That said, it’s not something that particularly bothers me. If I see someone double dipping, it wouldn’t put me off digging in myself if it was something I wanted to try.

The reason I don’t do it is because whilst it doesn’t bother me I know it bothers other people. When I asked around people were definitely more on the side of it being a big no-no.

According to research conducted for Philadelphia, 60% of Brits don’t like double dipping except in their own company. One in five would go as far as to ask the culprit to stop double dipping if they spotted it at a party. I’m with the 62% who would suffer in silence and not say anything, I’m not a fan of confrontation, especially at something which is supposed to be a fun event.

Other foodie faux pas admitted to in the survey were…

  • Eaten the last crisp/crudité (19%)
  • Licked your fingers clean before picking up another crisp (9%)
  • Licked your knife (9%)
  • Cleaned the plate or bowl with you finger (8%)
  • Licked the plate or bowl clean (4%)

All those against…

Simon from Birmingham Breakfast Club put it most simply – “Simply, no. Filthy habit!

His thoughts were echoed by pretty much everyone else I asked…

Camilla from Fab Food 4 All has taught her whole family not to double dip – “As I’m so aware of food hygiene I’ve taught my whole family that if they want to double dip they turn the cracker, bread stick or whatever around if they want to do that – wouldn’t dream of double dipping and they all stick to it 🙂

Michelle from Lost In Food agreed – “I’m with Camilla! Hate double dipping, I always make sure that if I’ve made a dip or similar that my kids use a spoon to put some onto their own plates. Even at social functions I’m always weary and watch, if I see a double dipper I won’t touch the dip after that!  “

Kelly from Adventures with Tea & Cake went so far as to say that poor dipping etiquette is almost a relationship ender – “(Slightly different but…) I once had a boyfriend who I saw lick Philadelphia off a knife he was using to make a sandwich, then continue to use the same knife… I never looked at him the same way again, it was definitely the beginning of the end for us!

All those for (ish)…

Given that people have said they’ve seen it at parties there must be proud double dippers out there. However, I couldn’t find anyone willing to hold their head up high and admit to it, unless like me it’s just with close family and friends.

Elsa from Elsa Eats said “My own thoughts on this with Philadelphia is that if you intend on using the whole tub and all parties are close friends, then I allow double dipping, otherwise use a knife or spoon and take some to dip on your own plate, much like you would do with ketchup at home. If it’s someone I don’t know, then I wouldn’t go anywhere near the dip myself.”

Lauren from Elle Bloggs agreed saying “I am massively guilty of double dipping – but I only do it at home. I wouldn’t double-dip at a dinner party because I definitely think it’s a bit gross when your sharing!

So what’s the solution?

Listening to what everyone has to say suggests to me that we need to find a way to ensure that everyone can enjoy their dips at a party without worrying about what everyone else has been up to before.

One solution suggested by Suzi from Suzi B Coaching was to use a mega dip “I love the idea of a mega dip – it solves the problem perfectly 😀”.

This was echoed by Helen from Family Friends Food – “The only time it’s ok is if you’re the only one eating! And even then it’s a bit grim. Turning the dipper around so you eat one end then the other is just about acceptable but the best approach is simply to load up with dip on the first pass then shove it all in your mouth in one go!

I’ve definitely used the mega dip a few times in the past but it does feel a bit greedy. I also don’t feel like it gives me the right ratio of dip to dipper, I like a bit of balance.

Personally I think the solution is to make the dippers smaller. Make them just right for one bite, I’d say the length of a matchstick should be just about right.

I’ve always made mine quite big for any parties I’m hosting as they stand up better in pots on the table. However, from now on I’m going to make life easier for all of my guests and cut them smaller. They’ll all be able to enjoy as much dip as they like 🙂

What do you think? Let me know in the comments or join the debate on social media using the hashtags #FlipandDip, #SingleDipper and #DoubleDipper.

If you’d like to have Philadelphia Flip & Dip pots at your next party then they’re available from Tesco and Asda with an RRP of £1.49 a pot. They come in three delicious flavours – sweet chilli, Mexican salsa and caramelised onion.



  1. I do like the look of these pots! Funnily enough I was at a party the other night where the host made a dip out of Philadelphia, sweet chilli sauce and lots of freshly chopped coriander and it was delicious so I would try the sweet chilli one first and cover it in fresh coriander! !

    • Charlotte Oates

      Definitely give them a try Camilla, they’re delicious. I love the idea of adding some fresh coriander to the sweet chilli one (and I suspect it would be great with the salsa one too), although I probably wouldn’t put it everywhere as coriander seems to be a bit of a love it or hate it herb among everyone I know.

  2. Just a big dipper Charlotte for me. I don’t think I would say stop to someone at a party but I wouldn’t go dipping after them. Gross. On the other hand at home I just keep on dipping with the family’s help, of course. I love the idea of adding to the dipping sauce but could quite happily eat a whole tub of philly myself. HEHEHE!!

  3. Definitely NOT a double dipper and avoid dips like the plague when at parties….. not for ‘hygiene’ reasons, but because of cross-contamination of allergens!

    • Charlotte Oates

      If I had food allergies then I’m sure I’d be the same. I’d imagine the contamination risk is huge as you can’t control what gets dipped in by others.

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