Sprout Pencils: Review & Giveaway


A little while ago I was asked if I was interested in reviewing some Sprout Pencils and as soon as I read up a bit about them I jumped at the chance because, quite simply, they sounded fun.

Our Sprout Pencils

What are Sprout Pencils

For anyone that’s not seen them before (which I suspect quite a few of you will have based on the number of times I’ve spotted posts being shared about them in my Facebook feed), they’re the world’s first sustainable plantable pencil – a colouring pencil with seeds hidden away in the end. Once you’ve finished your colouring you stick them in some soil, give them a water and wait for them to grow.


Doing a bit of colouring

You may be thinking that this all sounds a little gimmicky, and you’re probably right. I mean, you can easily buy pencils to colour and seeds to plant with your children, but there’s definitely something more fun about sticking them together. Daniel looked at me a little bit like he thought I was crazy when I invited him out into the garden to stick his colouring pencils into some soil, but he happily went along with it (as you can see) and both boys were really excited when the first green shoots popped up a few weeks later (and I was too, as I’m usually completely incompetent at growing anything!).

Planting the pencils

Why should you buy them?

  • Ignoring the plant bit completely, they’re really good quality pencils.
  • They’re a great way of introducing your children to growing their own food.
  • The online guide to growing each of the plants is really useful and contains all of the information you need.
  • The plants seem pretty forgiving for people that don’t really know how to grow plants (like me!). We stuck the pencils in some soil, water them every now and again (if they’re looking a bit droopy) and they’re still going strong.
  • The little pencil stubs have the name of the plant written on them making a cute label so you don’t forget what it is.

Are there any drawbacks?

Nothing major really but if I’m being picky…

  • Not all of the pencils can be planted all year round (because that’s how nature works!). We planted the herbs as they will happily grow on my kitchen window sill all year round, but several of the other plants need to be planted at a specific time of year so I’ve had to tuck them away in a drawer for a few months. If you’ve got impatient children then they might find this a bit frustrating.
  • Each pencil colour is matched to a particular plant, so if there’s a particular plant you want to grow you get what you’re given in terms of colour.
  • The Sprout World website works in euros rather than pounds (although they do ship to the UK). However, if you prefer to pay in pounds then a quick Google search will suggest plenty of well known UK sellers.


Starting to sprout

To find out more about Sprout Pencils, take a look at their website, follow them on Twitter or like their Facebook page.

A few recipe suggestions

If you’re not sure what to cook with your herbs once they’ve grown, here are a few ideas…


Still going strong


As I said before, I’ve got a pack of 8 Sprout Pencils to giveaway (includes Basil, Sage Thyme, Cilantro/Coriander, Sunflower, Forget-Me-Not, Cherry Tomato & Calendula).

To be in with a chance of winning simply leave a comment on this post telling me what you’d cook with your herbs once they’ve grown. Once you’ve commented, log in to the Rafflecopter widget below using your email address or Facebook and click on the box to say “I commented”. It’s really important that you do the Rafflecopter bit otherwise your entry won’t count.

Once you’re logged into Rafflecopter you’ll find lots of bonus entry options. None of these are mandatory so you can just do the comment bit if you like, but the more you do, the more chance you have of winning.

Good luck everyone x

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Terms & Conditions

  • Closes at midnight (GMT) on Sunday 11th December 2016.
  • Aged 18+
  • UK residents only.
  • The prize has been supplied by Sprout Pencils but will be sent by Charlotte’s Lively Kitchen.
  • The winner will be notified by email within 48 hours of the closing date. They will have 28 days to claim their prize otherwise an alternative winner will be selected.
  • Only one entry per person.

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  1. Thank you so much for including my rice turkey recipe in your collection!

  2. I would make mediterranean vegetables using the herbs and some olive oil!

  3. thyme would be great for a shepherds pie 🙂

  4. I would make some sage and onion stuffing to go with roast chicken dinner

  5. a mexian chilli

  6. chicken casserole x

  7. My husband has got a Kamado Joe, so we’d make some pizzas on it, and use the basil on the toppings! Yummy.

  8. some lovely herby bolognese

  9. A tomato and basil sauce on pasta.

  10. Irish Stew!

  11. I’d like to use the herbs to make some really fresh, buttery, tasty new potatoes.

  12. In our house,I grow the food and my partner cooks it so herbs are always ut to good use in curries and chilli bakes.These sprout pencils are a fabulous fun way for kids (and big kids! ) to enjoy growing things.

  13. I’d make a nice spicy cottage pie

  14. Use herbs in everything I cook.

  15. Great giveaway, I would use them in a casserole 🙂

  16. I’d use them for marinating chicken. I think they’re great!

  17. A spaghetti Bolognese! 🙂

  18. I would make a a warm courgette and green lentil salad

  19. These are a great idea, I would use them in Italian dishes

  20. A very hot curry !

  21. I think I’d make a tasty omelette.

  22. I would make some pesto with the basil and serve it with pasta or in panini

  23. lovely fresh homemade soup with many herbs

  24. Oh what a wonderful idea. I think we would make a lovely vegetable soup followed by a great big bowl of spag bol

  25. I’d make a lovely herby risotto x

  26. Roasted vegtables and herbs

  27. Easy Irish Stew – Yum

  28. I would put the thyme in a chicken and leek pie.

  29. Chicken and Basil stir fry. Yummy!

  30. I would use them in bolognaise x

  31. I would use the herbs to make a stuffing to go with a roast dinner.

  32. Lasagne I think

  33. i love making my own pasta sauces and im aways using plenty of herbs like basil and oregano

  34. One of my faves tomato and basil soup.

  35. This is a great idea!
    I think that i would use them in a stew.

  36. not sure, but it would be something really scrummy!

  37. Nothing because I’m a can’t cook won’t cook, these would be useful for my gardening friend

  38. A curry with corriander

  39. A veggie pasta, love a fresh tomato sauce with good herbs

  40. A roast dinner

  41. A Chilli xx

  42. I’d probably make a nice homemade veggie curry. Thanks so much for the chance 🙂

  43. I use fresh basil on a pizza

  44. Some sort of pasta dish! I have too many favourites 🙂

  45. Pesto Pasta

  46. I love putting fresh herbs on homemade wedges. Super tasty!

  47. a homemade soup x

  48. a bolanise sauce and pasta.

  49. A lovely tomato and basil soup

  50. An Italian stew Mmmmmmmm

  51. these look fun

  52. Sage and onion stuffing would be great

  53. I cook a lot with fresh herbs. I think the first thing I’d make would be a Thai Green Curry with lots of coriander (ciliantro).

  54. a pasta dish

  55. I would use the herbs in homemade meatballs and pasta

  56. always love spicy tacos or chilli, also some yummy stews/cassaroles

  57. I would make a chilli

  58. I would cook a spag bol or lasagna with them

  59. I’d make a lasagne with fresh basil.

  60. I love using herbs in a chicken chasseuse

  61. I use basil all the time in tomato based sauces and love using fresh herbs. I’d probably be making huge batches of lasagne or ratatouille

  62. Carrot and coriander soup – its one of my all time favourites x

  63. What a clever idea! I think mine would end up in a stir-fry. x

  64. I’d make a tomato and basil soup.

  65. I’d use the basil in an lovely Italian tomato sauce x

  66. I’d make a stirfry

  67. I’d make an omelette with them

  68. These look fab, my boys would love them! I’d be looking forward to the basil growing, I love it in so many things but especially in chicken & tomato roll-ups, yum!

  69. I’d cook the cherry tomatoes with some cream cheese or mascarpone & serve on top of spaghetti

  70. Shortbread.

  71. Fab for adding to a fish pie

  72. A nice warming veggie stew or with rice, nice and warming for this tine of year.

  73. Deborah Mackenzie

    I would use fresh basil and make Bruschetta on garlic toast. YUM

  74. Perfect for adding to soups for added flavour

  75. i would use sage that i had grown to make homemade stuffing x

  76. Growing thyme would be ideal so that I could add it to homemade soups.

  77. I would use them in a pasta dish.

  78. a roast dinner

  79. I would make a hotpot

  80. would add them into the curries I make

  81. Different flavoured homemade chips! Rosemary homemade chips are absolutely amazing!

  82. Stuffing for Christmas day.

  83. I would cook a chilli

  84. I would use the basil to make a pesto for pasta

  85. I would make a Shepherds Pie

  86. I’d make a herb bread!

  87. A yummy Ragu to have with some fresh pasta

  88. I would have look up some recipes as I’m not a great cook without a recipe, lol.
    They would inspire me to be more adventurous which would be fab x

  89. I would add the tomatoes to a pasta dish

  90. I would make a simple tomato vinagrette salad with basil and serve with a herbed omelette

  91. Can’t believe I have not seen sprout pencils before, they look so incredibly cool!

  92. I would make a basil and olive dressing for on top of some chicken

  93. A Spaghetti Bolognese

  94. I’d make my fave bolognese

  95. I would add the herbs to a beautiful homemade Indian curry, or some creamy Italian pasta!

  96. I’d add them to a mushroom risotto

  97. A spag bolognese

  98. A big pizza with a fresh herby topping

  99. A delicious soup in my soup maker

  100. A warming vegetable casserole 🙂

  101. With fish maybe a trout or a fish stew

  102. A nice pasta dish with the basil 🙂

  103. probably a multitude of things like spag bog,, herby pizza etc

  104. Sounds awesome! I would add them to my vegetarian Bolognese sauce- legendary!

  105. Spaghetti Bolognese 🙂

  106. I’d love to make a curry or two with the coriander 🙂

  107. Herby garlic bread!

  108. spag bol and homemade pizza

  109. I would make a Pizza

  110. chicken casserole or curry thankyou

  111. i’d use them in my sausage casseroles.

  112. I think I’d go for the brunch potatoes recipe, and possibly some dairy-free pesto!

  113. We eat a lot of Pasta in our house so I would use them for a lot of daily meals 🙂

  114. My kids will love these!!!!!

  115. I’d cook a lovely pasta! Or perhaps I’d use it for a nice pizza topping!

  116. What a great idea! I would love the Basil ones and would use them in my tomato sauce for pasta

  117. Lasagne

  118. Pesto Chicken

  119. A herby ragu sauce

  120. I would cook a nice chicken casserole with vegetables

  121. i would add herbs to my chicken casserole

  122. I would grow basil as its is quick and easy to grow and is fab with pasta.

  123. A nice marinated chicken

  124. Caroline J Robinson

    A delicious herby sauce to go with spaghetti Bolognese

  125. Pasta, tofu and a lovely selection of vegetables (courgettes, mushrooms and peppers) in a tomato and basil sauce, topped with vegan cheese and herbs.

  126. I would make a home made herby pasta sauce and also use some of the sauce to make pizza toppings

  127. Rebecca Howells (@PeanutHog)

    Some tomato and basil pasta sauce and some roasted veg with herbs on.

  128. I would cook a laksa

  129. vegetarian buggers

  130. Never seen these before, they look really good. i would grow some basil and make a spag bol

  131. No idea …. never the same thing twice when I’m cooking.

  132. a nice spag bol

  133. Pasta with herb and tomato sauce

  134. sausage casserole with apple and sage stuffing balls

  135. I love basil and put it into virtually everything so I would like to have a go at making my own pesto.

  136. I would use herbs in a lovely winter soup. x`

  137. I’d love to make a home made pasta sauce.

  138. I would use them in some yummy chicken curry

  139. Lots of stews and casseroles

  140. i am very lucky to have a chef as a husband so would kindly pass them on to him to knock me up something amazing!

  141. I would use the herbs in a hot chicken curry.

  142. Victoria Middleton

    My homemde chicken goujons with a lovely herby breadcrumb coating

  143. I would use the herbs to garnish my gin and tonic

  144. Chicken casserole yummy

  145. What a neat idea …great gift too !

  146. I’d make an avocado pesto pasta 🙂

    Love the concept, though I was initially slightly disappointed when I read your post – I thought they would be pencils you could grow sprouts from 😀

  147. I’d make homemade pizza with lots and lots of basil 😀

  148. We enjoy herby omelettes and bread.

  149. I would make a herby houmous

  150. Homemade lasagna with homegrown herbs.

  151. thyme would be great for a shepherds pie

  152. I’d make a lovely risotto, perfect for this weather.

  153. I’m not the cook in our household, so I’d ask my husband to cook something Italian using the basil

  154. id mage a vegetable soup

  155. Tomatoes and basil would go in my ratatouille!

  156. I would make a bolognese. Or a pizza

  157. Id make pork, sage and onion burgers 🙂

  158. I would love to make a homemade pesto

  159. Pasta with herb & tomato sauce xxx

  160. I’d use them to liven up a vegetable curry.

  161. I’d cook a frittata with lovely veg and herbs

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