Ultimate Guide to Food Photo Sharing Sites – Part II

Back in February we published the Ultimate Guide to Food Photo Sharing Sites, looking at whether there were alternatives to Foodgawker and Tastespotting. The conclusion…don’t be lazy, go and read the original post to find out! Only joking, the conclusion was nothing earth shattering. Foodgawker and Tastespotting provided the most traffic, although we also recommended giving Yummly, Tasteologie, Healthy Aperture and Finding Vegan a try.

Four months later and we’re back again to see whether anything has changed (the answer is yes so keep reading!).

food photo sharing sites part 2

In our previous experiment we took a sample of four recipes, submitted them to a number of sites and then waited a month to see how many visitors each site brought us. This time around we’re seeing what’s happened longer term, looking at the total number of visitors (using information from Google Analytics) for all recipes between January and May 2015.

I should add that I wouldn’t necessarily class all of the sites as ‘photo-sharing’, but they are all third party sites that have referred traffic to us because of either photos or recipes shared.

So how did they do?

Traffic stats for food referral sites

The Top Three: Foodgawker vs Yummly vs Tastespotting

So Foodgawker still provides the most traffic, no change there then…or is there? In fact Yummly has not only jumped above Tastespotting, but is also starting to catch up Foodgawker. You’ll also notice from the graph below that in May, whilst we were re-branding and didn’t post any new recipes, Foodgawker and Tastespotting traffic dried up as they provide more of an initial one-off boost in traffic but Yummly traffic grew.

Foodgawker vs Yummly vs Tastespotting

In the not too distant future I believe that Yummly traffic will exceed Foodgawker. For those unfamiliar with Yummly it is more of a recipe database than a photo-sharing site. It is simple to upload your recipes, just add the ‘Yum it’ button from their site, one click on it and Yummly add your photo and recipe ingredients to their site.

Other Sites

Removing Foodgawker, Yummly and Tastespotting from the graph allows you to see more clearly how the other sites performed.

Traffic stats for food referral sites 2

Foodyub is something I stumbled upon in March and have probably submitted around half our recipes to so far. It provides a decent return in terms of visitors and the submission process is incredibly easy.

Reddit is a strange one. We’ve never promoted our recipes on Reddit, but have had a couple of recipes linked by other people. At roughly 275 visits per recipe it is certainly attractive, and I have stumbled across a couple of blogs where Reddit is a steady source of visitors for them. However, there appears to be a social convention on Reddit that you don’t use it to promote yourself, but more be an active member and take part in discussions. It feels like one to explore in more detail at some point in the future.

Tasteologie I recommended in my previous post. It is the one site now where not all my submissions are published. As they don’t provide any feedback I’m not too sure why…the number of visitors from Tasteologie varies quite a bit between recipes, sometimes it is single figures, sometimes up to 50.

Recipechart is a recipe sharing website. They choose what recipes they want on their website and feature them. We’ve only had one recipe featured and it provided over 250 visitors plus more direct from Facebook. The huge advantage of Recipechart is that you only need to contact them once to sign up. They’ll then check your RSS feed and feature any recipes that catch their eye. Whilst the chances are that your recipe won’t get featured (as they only post a few a day and have hundreds of bloggers to choose from), it’s so quick to sign up that it’s definitely worth trying as when recipes are featured they seem to do well.


Are there alternatives to Foodgawker and Tastespotting? Although I wouldn’t strictly class Yummly as a photo-sharing site, it can clearly compete with the big two. Foodyub would also seem to be able to give Tastespotting a run for its money. Also, if you have the time to become an active member in the Reddit community, then it would appear to have the potential to become a great source of new visitors.

As for the remainder it is a similar conclusion to before. They don’t bring as many visitors as Foodgawker or Tastespotting, but it really depends on what stage you are at with your blog, how much time you have, and how interested you are in promoting your posts as widely as possible.

Do you submit your recipes to any of these sites? What are your experiences?

Do you know of any we’ve missed and should test out?


  1. This is really interesting Charlotte. I read part 1 of this post the other day (following one of your link from the May Blog report). It’s interesting to see how things have evolved with the figures. Certainly food for thought (no pun intended! 🙂

    Angela x

  2. Thanks for this Charlotte. I haven’t had the time to promote my blogs, except on Twitter a bit. I really should. This guide is very helpful.

  3. Hi Jon!
    Great analysis! I didn’t try out to generate more traffic via yummly, but it sure looks like an interesting source! Reddit is very difficult to predict, especially because they’re more like a community. Content marketing is a little difficult there 🙂

  4. Charlotte Oates

    You should definitely give yummly a go. It takes almost no effort and posts with good pictures seem to do well so I suspect your blog would be popular.

    We’ve been avoiding Reddit for that very reason. If I do it I’ll dedicate a lot of time to becoming part of the community and that’s something I just don’t have time for at the moment.

  5. I have just discovered your lovely blog and found this article really helpful. I’ve often wondered if it’s all worth it sometimes but this article was a good read and made me have a good think. well done for posting it

    • Charlotte Oates

      I know how you feel! but I love a challenge (and blogging is definitely a challenge) and that keeps me going.

  6. Foodgawker is the one I’ve been using for years since I love photography and food. Another site I recommened for uploading pictures is http://upl.co/ you can check that out as well.

  7. Thanks a lot for sharing all that guys. I’m rubbish at adding my recipes to those sites. I think the last time I submitted a recipe to Foodgawker was 6 months ago. Your post was the kick in the bottom I needed!

  8. Hi Jon,

    Thanks so much for sharing this data.

    It’s really great to see what’s been working for you, and to help me know where to focus my efforts.



  9. HI Charlotte,
    This post is full of great info as well as your previous guide. I will be trying foodyub for sure as I am looking to try and promote more of my site when possible.
    Thank you for taking the time to write this post.

    • Charlotte Oates

      FoodYub is a bit up and down for me. There were a few months last year where it was one of my top visitor sources but it’s really died down again now. I’ve just discovered My Recipe Magic which has sent quite a few people my way.

  10. I’ve also started including Reddit posts in my schedule, but most of the recipe subreddits (the high sub ones) have strict linking or self-promotion rules.

    • Charlotte Oates

      I’m scared of reddit as I heard about the sort of reactions people have had from sharing their own content and I like nice friendly places like Instagram! I have done well on the few occasions that someone else has linked to my content from there though so I suspect it could be great.

  11. Hi Charlotte!

    Thank you so much for this post – it really set me on track with submitting to sites! Recently I was doing foodgawker, and then the top performers from the this post. I have been meaning to submit to more, but wasn’t sure which ones to do!

    So I did a thorough check through all of them with ALexa (that traffic ranking site) and compiled a list of all of the indexing sites which are still in operation with their global rankings. I really want to share this article with people, because the compiling really helped me in figuring out my submission process. I would love to share it here in the comments, but do not want spam.

    Let me know if it sharing the link is ok with you and I will put it up.

    Regards and lots of food blogging love, Daniela

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