Queen of Puddings Cupcakes


For a while now I’ve been thinking of making a Queen of Puddings. It combines custard, jam and meringue – three things I love to eat. Then I saw the Betta Living – build a better cupcake competition and it got me thinking – wouldn’t the Queen of Puddings go well in a cupcake. So I got to work in the kitchen and it turns out I was right, custard, jam and meringue go very well in a cupcake indeed!

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Building My Blog – July 2014

Food blog traffic and income report

Welcome to my first ever monthly food blog report, a summary of what I’ve been up to this month on the website. I’m completely new to blogging and I only started myrecipebook.co.uk a few weeks ago so I’m learning as I go at the moment. Why I started myrecipebook.co.uk I love trying new recipes and adapting them to be exactly how I want them to be. The problem I always have is that once they’re just right I forget what changes I’ve made, so I needed a place to keep them all. I decided that a website would be a great…

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Basic white bread

Basic white bread recipe

Bread is one of my favourite things to make and with this basic white bread recipe it’s really simple to make and tastes delicious. Skip to the recipe Bread is one of my favourite foods to make. It’s quick to make (proving aside), I find kneading the dough great for relaxing and de-stressing, it fills your house with a lovely fresh bread aroma, and I don’t know if it’s just me but I always feel quite pleased with myself when I return to the dough after an hour or so to find it’s risen. This recipe is for a small…

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Peppercorn Sauce


My quick and easy peppercorn sauce recipe. It’s made without cream, instead using milk and other common store cupboard and fridge ingredients so you can whip it up whenever you want. Skip to the recipe When I first decided to try making my own peppercorn sauce I wanted to find a recipe which could be made with ingredients I always have at home. I found that most recipes have a cream base, which I only have in when I know I’m going to need it. Then I came across this recipe for Quick & Simple Peppercorn Sauce on Stu’s Food which…

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