Delicious Ways to Get More Vitamin D

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Judging from all the pumpkin recipes that are popping up in my Facebook feed over the past couple of weeks, it seems that despite the fact we’re slap bang in the middle of the summer holidays people are already starting to look forward to autumn.

Autumn with kids is a lot of fun, with cozy hot chocolates topped with mini marshmallows and kicking the fallen leaves with our boots on. However, it also means  a change in the weather and we get a lot less sunshine (what little we had in North Wales!).

Until recently I hadn’t realised what an important part sunshine plays in our health. Vitamin D, which is essential for having healthy bones, teeth and muscles, is made from the reaction of sunlight on our skin. As there’s plenty of sunshine in the summer this is usually enough to give us what we need. However, Autumn and Winter are a different matter and from October to March it’s important to supplement your Vitamin D to stay healthy.

That said, even in summer if you’re using lots of high SPF sunscreen or similar products to protect your or your child’s skin from burning then this might mean you’re not getting as much vitamin D from the sun. It’s therefore still a good idea to ensure that you have some foods high in vitamin D during the summer months too.

Vitamin D is important to stay healthy and active

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Petits Filous, who told me all about the importance of Vitamin D.

They’ve recently doubled the amount of vitamin D in their products. One of the little pots contains 2.5ug of vitamin D which is ¼ of the nutrient reference value (NRV – how much you should have a day) for people over four years old and a bigger pot is ½ of the NRV. It was great news for me as Josh is a big fan and loves having them for breakfast, pudding or a snack.

Another plus is that Petits Filous have been working to reduce the amount of sugar in their products, with regular small decreases over the past decade (a total of 20%). They’re also made from 100% natural ingredients, so no artificial sweeteners, colours, flavours or preservatives.

According to the NHS, other great sources of dietary Vitamin D include…

  • Oily fish such as salmon and fresh tuna
  • Red meat
  • Liver
  • Egg yolks
  • Fortified foods such as yogurts and breakfast cereals

Given how important it is to ensure we all get enough Vitamin D, I thought I’d share a few family friendly food ideas to keep you topped up…

Petits Filous

With ½ of your daily vitamin D needs in one pot (or two of the smaller pots), they’re a simple way to add extra vitamin D into your family’s diets.

They’re also great for packed lunches as they can be kept outside the fridge for up to 5 hours before being eaten. The resealable pouches also mean that there’s no spoon needed and less likelihood of spillage if you’ve got a bit of a messy eater!

As well as eating them straight from the pot or pouch, you can also get creative. I thought I was being a complete genius a few weeks ago when I put my Petits Filous Frubes in the freezer to make ice pops until I realised that the same thing was suggested on the outside of the pack (in huge letters!). Josh has been absolutely loving these as a snack in the garden this summer.

The boys enjoying their Petits Filous in the sunshine (I asked Josh to hold it still for a picture but he couldn’t resist digging in!)

You can also cut a slit in the top of a petits files pots, add a lolly stick and then freeze it to make really easy lollies.

I also love this super simple, 3 Ingredient, 3 Minute Ice Cream from Mel at Le Coin De Mel which is made from Petits Filous, Strawberries and Bananas.

Egg Yolks

Egg yolks are a great way of eating vitamin D, you could try my Coconut & Honey Omelette, these Mini crustless quiches from Amy at Healthy Little Foodies, these Baked Eggs in Sweet Potatoes from Helen at Family Friends Food or this Red Onion & Cheese Omelette from Nina at Eat Allergy Safe.

Mini Crustless Quiches

You could also make eggs fun with these cute Eggs in Clouds from Emily at A Mummy Too or these adorable Egg Animals from Grace at Eats Amazing.

Oily Fish

Oily fish is another great source of vitamin D so you could try this Salmon En Papillotte from Helene at Croque Maman, these Easy Salmon Fish Cakes from Grace at Eats Amazing or these Pack-a-Punch Savoury Muffins from Vicki at Free From Fairy.


Eggs in Clouds

These tried and tested recipes have all been shared by food bloggers whose families and friends love these dishes featuring ingredients high in vitamin D.

I’m working with Petits Filous and BritMums in a paid relationship promoting the #PetitsFilousGoodness campaign about the importance of vitamin D in our children’s diets. Visit for more information.” 


  1. Really useful blog post Charlotte! Thanks for including one of my recipes!

  2. We absolutely love Petits Filous at home. I have always eaten the strawberry ones and I regularly steal them from my children, hehe! Thanks for including my ice cream recipe. So nice and oh so easy! xx

  3. Thanks for posting. Some great ways of getting Vitamin D into children’s diet.

  4. Super cute photos of the boys. Love Mel’s idea of using petits filous to make ice cream!

  5. We have only just discovered the resealable pouches and love them for outings.

    I love the look of Mel’s 3 ingredient ice-cream too, will have to give that a go! xx

    • The pouches are fab aren’t they. I’m looking forward to trying Mel’s ice cream too, I know Josh will love it as it’s got three of his favourite things in.

  6. Fabulous photos Charlotte. It’s great to know Petits Filous contains the calcium and vitamin D. Our daughter is outside a lot but she’s got fair skin so she’s normally covered in sun cream! She loves Petits Filous thankfully 🙂

  7. I didn’t realise how important Vitamin D was in our childrens diets and how little they get during the summer despite the sunshine (when it shows up!)

    Great photographs of your boys enjoying themselves and some brilliant ideas on how to up their intake of Vitamin D.

    • I hadn’t realised either, it’s so reassuring to know that there’s plenty of it in a food they already love. It’s made me realise that I should probably up my own vitamin D too, which means I’ll be pinching their Petits Filous!

  8. Oh those pouches look great! My kids love Petit Filous so I’ll have to look out for those.

    • The pouches are great for packed lunches and picnics. I’ve found they can be a bit tucked away in the supermarket compared to the pots of Petits Filous but hopefully you’ll manage to find some.

  9. You’ve got some really great ideas here, I am seeing more and more information about how important vitamin D is. We also love Petitis Filous and have tried freezing them too and they taste great.

  10. I love that Josh could not wait to dog in – it made me smile because I had the same problem with both my boys. I had to keep asking them to ‘wait a minute I need another photos before you open it/eat it’ lol!
    I love the recipe round up you created showing foods high in vitamin D also xx

    • That wasn’t even the first one I’d asked him to pose with, he’d already polished off a pouch earlier in the day!

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