GIVEAWAY: Win a copy of the new My Fussy Eater cookbook

I’m very excited to bring you a giveaway to win a copy of My Fussy Eater by Ciara Attwell which was launched last week.

My Fussy Eater cookbook cover

My Fussy Eater is a recipe book filled with over 100 quick and easy recipes designed to help feed even the fussiest of families.

It covers breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, family meals and snacks, mixing more traditional recipes with others which are original and creative, so something for everyone.

Who would love the My Fussy Eater cookbook

The My Fussy Eater cookbook follows the style of the blog with the same name, and is packed full of simple, family-friendly recipes. It’s perfect for you if you want…

  • to cook fresh food but don’t have a lot of time.
  • recipes that use everyday ingredients where you don’t need fancy equipment or loads of washing up when you’re done.
  • to cook child-friendly food that adults will also enjoy (no faffing around cooking separate meals for everyone)
  • to squeeze an extra bit of goodness into the food you’re feeding your family to help ensure they’re eating a healthy balanced diet.

As well as over 100 recipes the book also includes Ciara’s 10 top tips for managing fussy eating, 4 weeks’ worth of meal plans using recipes from the book and essential kitchen equipment and store cupboard ingredients.

Each recipe is also labelled as to whether it’s gluten-free, dairy-free, freezer-friendly (and there are freezing instructions where relevant in the recipes), batch-cook recipes and those recipes which the kids can get involved in helping to make. There’s some lovely pictures in the book of Ciara’s two children helping her out in the kitchen and you can see how enjoyable it is for them.

Strawberry Banana Bread from the My Fussy Eater cookbook

Strawberry Banana Bread from the My Fussy Eater cookbook

Buy My Fussy Eater on Amazon

If you’d like to get your hands on a copy then you can buy it on Amazon. Simply click “Shop Now” in the box below to go through to Amazon to purchase (affiliate link).

Alternatively head down to the end of this post to enter my giveaway to win yourself a copy.

Testing out recipes from the My Fussy Eater cookbook

If you follow me on Instagram you would have noticed that my stories last week were full of recipes from Ciara’s book which I’d been testing out. In case you missed it here’s a sample of what I tried…

Strawberry Banana Bread (which would you believe is for breakfast – yum!)

Strawberry Banana Bread from the My Fussy Eater cookbook.

Veggie Pizza Rolls Ups

Veggie Pizza Roll-Ups from the My Fussy Eater cookbook.

Raspberry Chia Jam which was then used in these Raspberry Chia Crumble Squares

Raspberry Chia Crumble Squares from the My Fussy Eater cookbook

I also made her Smoky Meatball Pasta Bake but we were too hungry to wait for me to photograph it so we ate it all instead 🙂

Fortunately Nicky from Kitchen Sanctuary took a fantastic photograph when she tried the recipe and said I could share it with you all. If you head on over to her site you can read her review of My Fussy Eater and get the recipe for these meatballs.

Smoky Meatballs from the My Fussy Eater cookbook

I found all of the recipes in the My Fussy Eater cookbook really easy to follow and they needed no complicated ingredients, equipment or techniques. Best of all they went down really well with my whole family. Daniel has decided that the Raspberry Chia Crumble Squares are now his joint favourite treat with my brownies (although the Raspberry Chia Crumble Squares are much healthier so he’s more likely to get them!).

If you like the look of Ciara’s recipes you can also find lots more on her website or in her recipe app

Win a copy of My Fussy Eater by Ciara Attwell RRP £14.99

The cover of the My Fussy Eater cookbookTo be in with a chance of winning yourself a copy of My Fussy Eater by Ciara Attwell all you need to do is leave a comment on this post answering the question… Name one food you struggle to get your family or friends to eat?

Once you’ve commented, log into the Rafflecopter widget below using your email address or Facebook and click on the box to say “I commented”. It’s really important that you do the Rafflecopter bit otherwise your entry won’t count.

Once you’re logged into Rafflecopter you can also gain a bonus entry into the giveaway by tweeting to share this giveaway with others.

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  • Aged 18+.
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  1. Lauren Stebbings

    I struggle to get my son to eat a lot of foods. He’s autistic and has sensory problems with foods. My daughter is great at trying foods but not anything that has sauce. It’s hard to cook something the whole family will eat.

  2. would like to try

  3. Pasta! It is one my favourite quick meal ideas but I don’t know why my children have such an aversion.

  4. Pauline Burroughs

    Cabbage, kale, sprouts or anything green

  5. Michelle Stewart

    Fish is a struggle with us too

  6. I just cannot get them to eat octopus which I tried in Athens was quite tasty

  7. No matter how much we’re told Kale is good for us – noone at all in my family likes it!

  8. I struggle to get them to eat enough fruit, really only like bananas.

  9. Curries, because they don’t like them as spicy as me

  10. Sandra Foreman


  11. My two youngest sons won’t eat any sort of potato including chips.

  12. My kids won’t eat potatoes no matter what i try

  13. I love Rollmops but no one else i know seems to keen

  14. My dad hates sprouts x

  15. Natalee Gosiewski

    brussel sprouts and mushrooms

  16. It’s definitely the greens! Anything with colour seems easy but if it’s green, they’re not keen.

  17. Gillian McClelland

    Tomatoes, mushrooms and onions

  18. Marie Rungapadiachy

    My girls do not like to eat chickpeas or lentils.

  19. Joanne Dummigan

    I really struggle getting my little one to eat any form of meat, lucky enougj he loves his fruit n veg

  20. sarah fielding

    Definitely any green vegetables!

  21. Hubby : mushrooms.
    Son: pretty much any vegetable! Unless cleverly disguised in a sauce.

  22. I struggle to get my kids to eat my amazing sweet chilli pork with basalt rice!

  23. Sprouts except for other half who will eat them but not root veg

  24. My daughter flatly refuses to eat any type of fruit. My youngest has allergies which has made him suspicious of food so I struggle to get him to eat anything

  25. Clifford Sherwood

    Most veg

  26. my son turns his nose up at most veggies!!! have to try to hide them!!!

  27. jacqui rushton


  28. I struggle to get my so to eat meat, he’s funny with textures

  29. Sarah Robinson

    Any green vegetables

  30. sprouts and cabbage

  31. Cauliflower is always a tricky one for us.

  32. Rebecca Powell

    My son is very fussy about eating any fruit

  33. Carrots and broad beans

  34. Both my children will not eat veg of any kind

  35. debbie patching


  36. Patience Kinch

    This recipe book would be great for my daughter who hates anything with gravy or wet, eg spaghetti Bolognese…x

  37. Spinach, kale, any thing leafy and green.

  38. My daughter won’t eat cucumber, raw tomatoes or salad……

  39. My partner refuses to eat tomatoes and mushrooms…oh and broccoli…anything with mayonnaise too…

  40. Elizabeth Bazley

    Kale and cabbage

  41. It is fish in our house! Before that it was broccoli haha

  42. Emily Hutchinson

    Mushrooms or anything with garlic in

  43. Margaret Mccaffery

    Vegetables are a real challenge unless they’re incorporated into a sauce.

  44. I struggle to get my boys to eat their veg

  45. Sarah Mccaffery

    Leafy vegetables and salad.

  46. Anything with courgettes or aubergines – difficult to love the texture of these foods

  47. Mark Mccaffery

    Just about most vegetables.

  48. My mum will not eat any curry because she doesnt like ‘spicy’ food…even the mild thai ones with coconut milk!

  49. peas – no one likes them in our house!!

  50. Pam Francis Gregory

    All vegetable’s – Will only eat peas & sweetcorn!

  51. I struggle to get the family to eat fish

  52. I really struggle to get my 5 year old to eat any meat except turkey, it’s so frustrating, she’s great at eating veggies & salad but the lack of protein means she’s always hungry.

  53. Victoria Musson

    Tuna fish from a tin. Jacket potatoes with Tuna mayo is such a simple meal but I can’t get them to eat it!

  54. My niece, her mum says getting her to eat vegetables is a nightmare

  55. I struggle to get my children to eat green vegetables, we are alright with carrots and sweetcorn, because they are not green!

  56. My family struggles to eat their vegetables as they don’t like the taste of them.

  57. My 5 year old daughter is very reluctant to try anything new but the thing that bugs me the most is that she won’t eat chicken (which her dad and I eat a lot of!)

  58. That’s such a great book! xD

    One food I always struggle with my family is the bitter melon. Personally, I find it really delicious and healthy but none of my family members can eat it

  59. Most vegatables

  60. I am trying to get my children to eat more fish x

  61. melanie huttner

    I struggle to get my family to eat salad, they simply hate it!

  62. Anything green!! Would
    Love my 2 children to eat more veg but they love fruit at least!

  63. My now teenage son wont eat baked beans or vegetables

  64. Chelsey Hollings

    I struggle to get my daughter to eat potatoes

  65. My daughter won’t eat salad! At all!!

  66. My 2 and a half he old little boy went from being a fantastic eater to now being really fussy 5 or so months ago. I struggle to get him to eat any ‘wet’ food, especially with mince beef in ie. cottage pie or lasagna. It would make things so much easier if he would as we do lots of healthy one pot meals like this and i always have to make him something different.

  67. I struggle to get my son to eat eggs

  68. I struggle with everything, it’s so frustrating. My 2 yr old daughter eats when she wants, usually only broccoli. I’m glad it’s vegetables but love these recipes to keep me motivated

  69. Tuna Fish – They run and hide when I open a can.

  70. Brussel sprouts! I’m the only one that likes them x

  71. Mince, I’m pretty sure my daughter thinks mince is the work of the devil. This cuts out so many of my family favourite foods

  72. Fish is a difficult one for me to get my family into eating!!

  73. None of my 3 kids will eat anything made using minced meat no no bolognese/chilli/lasagne for us

  74. I have trouble getting my 3 year old to eat anything potato weather it’s chips mash roast he just won’t touch it not even try it he used to eat it all fine but the last few months he’s just gone off them xxxx

  75. My two girls won’t eat onions and they find them in everything!

  76. i struggle to get any tomato based food down my daughter!
    And my husband is the best salad dodger in the world!!!

  77. Vegetables. I adore them, my husband has learned to tolerate a certain amount but our 4 year old son absolute hates the thought of them. He’s even stopped eating chips since he found out they’re made from potatoes

  78. Fish! One of my children will eat fish fingers but the others won’t touch fish at all.

  79. I cannot get any of the kids to even try mashed potato!

  80. At the moment I’m struggling to get my nearly 3 year old son to eat anything that has pasta in it! It’s strange because he used to eat baby food with pasta in it (tomato based) when he was weaned. I’d therefore love to discover flavoursome pasta dishes that I could try with him (try myself haha).

    I’m always on the look out for wholesome and healthy recipe ideas as I struggle to get variety into my sons diet at times.

    Thanks laura

  81. I really struggle to get my son to eat any meals with meat, so i would like to try some new recipes that would get him to try.

  82. Andrea Fletcher

    I struggle to get my grandson to eat salad.

  83. Cabbage is a family no no

  84. Laura Pritchard

    I struggle to get my kids to eat salad, especially tomatoes.

  85. We struggle to get our son to eat green things – lettuce, vegetables.

  86. i struggle to get my son to eat lasagne i have no idea what he has against it as everything in it he likes

  87. it has to be vegetables, however I also struggle with feeding my youngest anything that isn’t bacon, fries, pizza or chicken nuggets!

  88. I really struggled for my family to eat spinach or mushrooms. Still do!

  89. I really struggle to get my daughter to eat broccoli which the rest of us love!

  90. Catherine Stewart

    Vegetables for my niece!

  91. Looks like a great book with easy recipes to follow. Mince is something my daughter struggles to eat and certain vegetables!

  92. I struggle to get my family to eat beetroot (which I love!)

  93. Margaret Gallagher

    Cheese – dont know whether its the texture

  94. Puddings made with chocolate, surprisingly! This book sounds great, it’s always good to get more tips on accommodating everyone the best you can.

  95. Vegetables especially mash

  96. Green vegetables

  97. I really struggle to get my kids (and husband!) to eat vegetables, for example parsnips and green beans, I love them as part of a roast dinner but they often don’t want to try new things.

  98. Sharon Saunders

    I struggle to get all of my family to eat fish but the toddler is the most challenging at the age he is at the moment – he pretty much hates all veg apart from carrots! lol

  99. Broccoli

  100. I always struggle with my fussy son eating vegetables. If they are disguised in a smoothie he seems ok

  101. john prendergast

    getting my family to eat more veg is a struggle

  102. My son has autism so basically unless it’s yellow he won’t eat it, it’s such a struggle

  103. rhubarb which grows in our garden and the rest of the family will not eat it!

  104. Angela Treadway

    my youngest doesnt eat anthing with spices or herbs, he likes quite plain foods x

  105. Mushrooms, more to do with texture rather than taste

  106. I’d use this for my kids. I struggle to get them to eat green veg

  107. my granddaughter is a fussy eater this would be great

  108. spinach which is so rich in iron and really can be tasty if prepared minimally

  109. Margaret Clarkson

    Fish – I love most fish but can’t persuade my family to eat it.

  110. Catherine McAlinden

    I’d love to get my husband and kids to eat lentils. It’s the basis of all my meals for me, but they are all fussy!

  111. Broccoli! I love it, but I can’t say it ranks highly for other members of the family 🙂

  112. fab book it can be tricky to fit in a lot of veg

  113. My daughter won’t eat potatoes (except chips) and this rules out lots of family meals or we just have them with pasta or rice instead.

  114. Risotto, I love it but no-one else will touch it!

  115. Mushrooms (which is a huge shame as I love them) x

  116. In this house it’s avocado.

  117. I struggle to get the kids to eat Kale. it is an acquired taste I know, but it is a wonderful food full of nutrients but it can be a strange texture for them

  118. veg is the worst with my grandkids

  119. Any sort of vegetables! So I need this book!

  120. Sprouts – I love them but the kids always say they hate them!

  121. Lucrezia Linardi


  122. Fresh fruit! Both husband and toddler are a nightmare! I love the My Fussy Eater blog and can’t wait to get my hands on the book – fingers crossed!

  123. Most vegetables! I need new tricks cough recipes to hid them in!

  124. i would use this for my son

  125. I would love a copy of this book! I’m really enjoying reading about it everywhere this week but I most struggle to get one of my children to eat any vegetables or carbs except bread and potatoes. My other child refuses bread!

  126. It’s such a great book, I just received my copy so i won’t be entering the giveaway but I can’t wait to try out some of the recipes. The strawberry banana bread you tried looks particularly tempting.

  127. I have a very fussy eater. I struggle to get my son to eat eggs as he doesn’t like the smell of them.

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