Spiced Orange Popcorn

spiced orange christmas popcorn square

In my house, an important part of getting into the Christmas spirit is watching Christmas films. To celebrate the start of the Christmas film season, traditionally the Friday before Christmas (it is a real thing, I haven’t just made it up – honest), I thought I’d share with you my recipe for festive spiced orange popcorn.

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Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta and Orange

sprouts pancetta orange square

If you’re in charge of cooking Christmas dinner this year then, with a week to go, you’re probably thinking about all the ingredients you need for your perfect Christmas dinner. I’m sure that for most of you, this will include brussels sprouts – love them or hate them, Christmas dinner wouldn’t be the same without them.

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Traditional Deep-Filled Mince Pies

My recipe for traditional deep-filled mince pies. A delicious light almond pastry filled with homemade mincemeat – Christmas wouldn’t be the same without them.

In my opinion Christmas isn’t complete without mince pies and nothing beats a homemade mince pie – shop bought ones just aren’t the same.

I remember seeing an interview a while ago with Paul Hollywood who said that he preferred to make his mince pies in a muffin tin so that you could fit in plenty of filling…

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Birthday Cake (All-In-One Vanilla Sponge)

Sponge birthday cake recipe

When I was a child I loved the birthday cakes my mum made and decorated for me. At my parties I was always really proud to show off my birthday cake to my friends. In the weeks running up to my birthday I used to look through my mum’s cake decorating book and choose the cake I wanted (actually I always chose the fairy castle, but never got it).

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Building My Blog – November 2014

Food blog traffic and income report

Welcome to my 5th monthly update, all about what I’ve been up to on My Recipe Book in November. In this month’s report, I’ll be talking about improving my photography, finding new ways to monetise my blog and launching my first blogger linkup, as well as the usual income and visitor numbers and my plans for December. If you’re new to my website, or just these posts and want to know more about why I write them, then have a look at my very first report where you’ll find out more. Make sure you don’t miss next month’s update by signing up to my…

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#FoodYearLinkup and Food Blogger’s Calendar – What’s on in December 2014

It’s that time of the month again when I send a reminder of what’s coming up in the Food Blogger’s Calendar this December. However, before I do that I’ve got some exciting news… #FoodYearLinkup launch Yes, that’s right, I’m launching my own blogger linkup. When I launched the Food Blogger’s Calendar, I told you how much I love the idea of linking my posts to foodie events through out the year. This month, I’ve been on the lookout for others joining in too and I’ve really enjoyed reading all of your posts and seeing your take on each of the…

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Mustard Beans

mustard beans recipe

I love roast dinners, but I’ve always been guilty of focusing on the meat, potatoes and yorkshire puddings and neglecting the vegetables. Simple boiled carrots, broccoli and peas were always a staple on the side of my roasts – pretty dull. As a result I always finished these first, to get them out of the way so that I could move onto the good bits.

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