Festive Roast Leg of Lamb

christmas roast lamb-4

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Today I’m sharing the first of two festive recipes I’ve created as part of my collaboration with Tasty Easy Lamb, a Festive Roast Leg of Lamb. It’s flavoured with rosemary, cloves, orange and cranberries and it makes a fantastic alternative to turkey on Christmas Day or as an amazing centrepiece to a roast dinner over the festive period.

If you happen to have any leftovers then it also tastes delicious cold in a sandwich or served with some bubble and squeak…

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Lamb Hotpot

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When the weather gets chilly I’m all about the comfort food, so I thought I’d create something for you that I consider one of the ultimate comfort foods – Lamb hotpot. It’s got melt-in-the-mouth lamb and vegetables and it’s then topped with sliced potatoes which are brushed with a little butter to get them soft underneath and crispy on top. It really is like a hug in food form and just what we all need on the wintery days we have to come.

It’s really easy to prepare, a bit of peeling and chopping and that’s about it. It only takes about 15 minutes of actual effort before popping it into the oven to slow cook ready for dinner.

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Foodsaver Fresh Review

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For the past two weeks I’ve been busy testing out the Foodsaver Fresh. A vacuum sealing system designed to help your food last longer.

A bit of background…

What is the Foodsaver Fresh

The Foodsaver Fresh is a vacuum sealing machine designed to keep your food fresh up to two times longer than conventional storage systems such a zip seal bags, tin foil, cling film or containers. It’s the number one vacuum sealing system in the US and is now launching in the UK…

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Brandy Buttercream

brandy buttercream-3

Well we’ve reached the final day of my Festive Buttercream Week. I hope you’ve liked my new flavours.

My final new recipe is inspired by the Christmas classic, brandy butter. It’s something I hadn’t tried until I met Jon and I’ll admit that until I tried it I was unconvinced that I’d like it (I’m not really a huge fan of brandy as a drink in it’s own right). He eventually convinced me to give it a go on my mince pies and I was converted, it’s absolutely delicious.

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Marzipan Buttercream

marzipan buttercream-2

It’s day 4 of Festive Buttercream Week and today’s recipe is¬†Marzipan Buttercream.

My husband and my Dad are both huge marzipan fans, so I wanted to create a recipe using one of their favourite flavours. It includes lots of real marzipan, as well as a few drops of almond extract to really bring out the flavour. It would make a fantastic alternative to using marzipan under your icing on your Christmas cake, or a little piped on top of your mince pies…

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Honey Roasted Sprouts with Pancetta

honey roasted sprouts-4

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I don’t know about you, but I’m already feeling very festive, so when Crisp ‘n Dry challenged me to have a Crisp ‘n Dry run of our Christmas dinner I jumped at the chance. Any excuse for a bit of festive cooking.

Whilst I was busy whipping up Christmas dinner I thought I’d also share my recipe for honey roasted sprouts with pancetta.¬†In my opinion roasting is the best way to cook sprouts, it adds so much flavour as well as a little crunchiness to the outer leaves. Coupled with the saltiness of the pancetta and the slight hint of honey they taste delicious…

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Gingerbread Buttercream

gingerbread buttercream-2

I love gingerbread biscuits at Christmas (well all year round really, but they just feel “right” at Christmas), so when it came to thinking up a flavour for day 3 of my festive buttercream week I decided that it had to be gingerbread.

I’ve experimented with ginger buttercream before but never managed to get the flavour quite rich enough to really bring all the memories of gingerbread biscuits when eating it. I ended up pouring over gingerbread biscuit recipes thinking about what gives them their distinctive flavour and thinking about whether I could somehow shoehorn that into a smooth buttercream…

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Peppermint Buttercream

peppermint buttercream-2

Welcome to day 2 of Festive Buttercream Week, the week (that I made up) to celebrate all things smooth, delicious and perfect for piping onto cupcakes.

Today’s buttercream flavour is peppermint, which is served here on my yummy chocolate cupcakes. Not only is it delicious, but it’s also the perfect buttercream choice if you’re planning on getting a Christmas kiss under the mistletoe…

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