#TheFoodCalendar – July 2016

Hi everyone and welcome to the newly named #TheFoodCalendar linky (it was my #FoodYearLinkup in case you couldn’t work that out 🙂 ).

thefoodcalendar july 2016

With the miserable and un-summery weather we’ve been having over the last month, I’ve kept myself busy sat indoors doing a spot of rebranding. I suspect the miserable weather is actually all my fault as I happily mentioned enjoying lots of BBQs in the last linkup post – my garden has been thoroughly waterlogged ever since so sorry about that!

Along with the name change I’m also making a few changes to how the linky works (nothing too major, don’t worry). I’d love it if #TheFoodCalendar could become more than just a linky, so I’ve created more ways to join and share your posts, pictures and general thoughts about all of the events in the calendar.

How to join in the #TheFoodCalendar

Pick and mix any that you feel like…

  1. I’ll start with the traditional way of adding your post(s) to the linky at the bottom of this page.
  2. Share a post/picture/thought about any of the events using hashtag #TheFoodCalendar on Twitter and/or Instagram (you can also tag me @CharlotteLK on Twitter and @charlotteslivelykitchen on Instagram if you like).
  3. Pin your post to my dedicated #TheFoodCalendar Pinterest board – to join the board make sure you’re following me (as it won’t work otherwise) and then leave your Pinterest ID in the comments and I’ll add you.

The Rules

I find many linkys have all sorts of rules, I’m pretty sure that I forget what I’m supposed to do when I’m joining in with each of them and break them half the time (sorry if I’ve ever broken yours) so I’m going to keep my “rules” really simple…

Share the love… That’s it.

If you link up a post, head over and comment on/share some of the others. If you tweet, then RT some others on the hashtag, Instagram – give out a few hearts and comments, and if you pin then repin (or save as they now like to call it) a few from the board.

I have a badge (because what self respecting linky owner doesn’t eh? 🙂 ), and if you’d like to add it to your posts (or just a simple link back to this post or the calendar) so people know where to come and share and find other similar posts then that would be great too.

What’s in the calendar for July?

It seems as though food event planners take a similar view to the summer as those people that do the TV schedules – there’s very little on!

1 June – 31 August – Breast Cancer Care – Strawberry Tea

10 June – 10 July – Euro 2016

27 June – 10 July – Wimbledon Fortnight

3-10 July – Food Safety Week

16 July – National Cherry Day

As always, if you know about an event that’s not in the calendar then please feel free to add it, just let me know what the event is in the comments.

So what are you waiting for? Link up up right here…

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By linking up your posts you’re giving me permission to use an image from the post in future roundups (with credit and a link back) and also to share the post with an image on social media. If you don’t want me to do either of these then just let me know in the comments.

Linkup Badge Code

To add the #TheFoodCalendar badge to your post, simply copy the code below into the text editor of your post (any problems, let me know and I’ll do my best to help).

The Food Calendar

Before I go…

I’ve been busy adding new events into the calendar including adding events for 2017 (as I had people asking so they can get themselves organised!) so make sure you take a look and see what’s new.


  1. Charlotte Oates

    I’ve added a couple of cherry recipes for National Cherry Day on the 16th

  2. I LOVE cherries!! Mind you it means once I have fended off the Peachicks (and maybe eaten one or two myself!) there is never any left for recipes!! Just off to find the Pinterest board – I think I may have a teeeennny pinterest problem actually! I’ll add my sponge cake in a bit too!

    I am like you – take me ages to add to a linky because I forget which rules go with which one and have to double check I’ve got the right post to the right board!

    • Also how are people planning 2017 already?! I’m barely sorted for this weekend! LOL!

      • Oh and my Pinterest ID is Peachicksbakery

        • Charlotte Oates

          I have no idea how people are planning so early – I’m like you, I’m barely a week or two ahead (although I have high hopes of getting myself more organised in future).

          I’ve just invited you to join the Pinterest board. You’re the first person I’ve added so please let me know if there are any problems.

  3. I’ve added my strawberry and cream themed recipe. So simple and so tasty:)

    • Charlotte Oates

      Excellent, I suspect they’ll be quite a few strawberry combinations this month as they’re so yummy at this time of year.

  4. I know its madness! I got given a notebook by one of my pre-schoolers when they left for school so I have started a blog journal to get a bit more organised but whether it works or not… have managed to join ok! x

    • Charlotte Oates

      That’s good, I saw you’d added a pin 🙂

      I’m actually quite good at planning, it’s just sticking to the plan that I struggle with!

  5. 4th of July! American Independence Day.

  6. Hello Charlotte. I have added my Bakewell Tart recipe for National Cherry Day … its a little late but still the right month!! 🙂 I have used Raspberry jam for my tart but classically its Cherry and its one of those recipes when you can use whatever jam you like. Thank you, Chonnie x

  7. Just linked up my first attempt at a drip cake (choc & strawberry) for Breast Cancer Care – Strawberry Tea.
    Can you also pop me onto your Pinterest Board please, my user name is OnlyCrumbsRemain, thankyou 🙂

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