Eggs: Does Size Matter?

One question I get asked quite regularly is whether medium eggs can be substituted for large in a recipe or vice versa. So I took to the kitchen and started experimenting to test the difference egg size makes and to answer some other egg-related baking questions.

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How To Get My Birthday Cake Recipe To Fit Your Tin and Other FAQs

birthday cake faqs title

One post on my blog that’s always popular is my all-in-one vanilla sponge birthday cake. It’s the recipe I use for almost all of my family’s birthday cakes and I absolutely love the idea that people are making and enjoying this on their family birthdays too.

However, it seems that popularity comes with lots of questions and I’m finding similar ones coming up again and again. People have told me that they’ve been scrolling through the comments to see if I’ve answered the questions before but with over 125 comments and counting it cannot be easy to spot the answer you’re looking for in amongst everything else. To try and help you all out I thought I’d pull together a quick post to answer all of your birthday cake FAQs as best I can and of course if I find new questions popping up in future I’ll add them in here.

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Chocolate Birthday Cake Calculator


It seems that there’s a lot of love around for my Chocolate Birthday Cake Recipe and I’ve started to get requests for the quantities to make it in various different shapes and sizes. So far each time I’ve been asked I’ve tapped away in excel to work out what’s needed, but I thought it was about time I sorted out a calculator (just like my vanilla birthday cake calculator) so you can do it yourselves without waiting for me…

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