Triple Chocolate Cookies


Last month I shared my recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies (That The Cookie Monster Would Love), but I failed to consider that the Cookie Monster might sometimes prefer more of a chocolate fix. To solve this problem I’ve upped the chocolate and created these delicious Triple Chocolate Cookies…

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Chocolate Chip Cookies (That The Cookie Monster Would Love!)


One food that’s guaranteed to disappear in my household is cookies. My youngest in particular is a little Cookie Monster and Starbucks Chocolate Chunk Cookies are one of his favourites.

I decided to challenge myself to create my own copycat version of this classic cookie at home. One that is crunchy around the edges and soft and slightly cakey in the middle, just like their Starbucks inspiration. They’re also jam-packed full of chocolate chunks…

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Amaretti Biscuits

With Valentines Day coming up I thought I would try to make something vaguely romantic. Both Charlotte and I absolutely love Amaretti biscuits (also sometimes referred to as Italian macaroons), and with them being Italian surely that means they automatically qualify to be romantic! They come with the added bonus of being extremely easy and quick to make.

I have had two versions of Amaretti biscuits, those which are hard all the way through and those which are crisp on the outside yet deliciously soft and chewy in the middle. These are the latter, which makes the inside taste like gorgeous marzipan and the softness saves you from the worry of a sizeable dental bill that you get from the crunchy ones!

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Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter Cookies

Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe

After the success of my apple crumble flapjacks, I was allowed back into the kitchen by Charlotte to try my hand at another of my favourites – cookies. For me there is little better than a nice cup of tea with a cookie or two!

Cookies are relatively simple to make, however there are a couple of key choices to make upfront…

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How to Make Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies marry me

This month we celebrate both Valentine’s Day on the 14th and Chinese New Year on the 19th so I thought it would be fun to make fortune cookies (although it turns out from my pre-posting research that fortune cookies are actually an American invention).

The great thing about making your own fortune cookies is that you can personalise the message however you want. Although if you’re stuck for ideas there are websites like Fortune Cookie Message where you can get a few ideas. I particularly like “Your shoes will make you happy today” and “Sometimes you just need to lay on the floor”.

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