SPLENDA Cupcakes with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting


Sponsored by SPLENDA.

Last week I was invited by SPLENDA to try out one of their low sugar recipes and tell you all what I thought about it. I was immediately drawn to their cherry clafoutis as it’s something I’d always wanted to try, but as I’ve never actually had one before I didn’t have a frame of reference to compare it to. Instead I opted to whip up a batch of cupcakes. I consider myself a bit of a cupcake expert (well I make them a lot if that counts) so I can really drill down and see how this low sugar version compares to my usual creations…

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Chocolate Meringue Nests


I am a massive fan of meringues and it would seem by the popularity of my meringue nests recipe that you all are too, so I thought I’d create a recipe for chocolate meringue nests if you fancied something a bit different. These chocolate meringue nests are made from the same basic french meringue recipe but with added cocoa powder and grated dark chocolate…

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Dairy-Free Chocolate Buttercream


A few days ago I shared my dairy-free chocolate cupcakes with the promise of sharing the buttercream (can you call it BUTTERcream if it’s dairy-free? what do you think?) to go on top.

As with the cupcakes, this buttercream gets it’s really chocolatey flavour from using a combination of both cocoa powder and real melted chocolate (dairy-free of course) in the mix and as with the cupcakes, you’d have no idea it was dairy-free unless you’re told – it’s delicious…

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Dairy-Free Chocolate Cupcakes

Dairy-free chocolate cupcakes topped with dairy-free chocolate buttercream.

A few weeks ago I received a message from one of my readers saying how much she loved my birthday cake recipe and asking if I could recommend a dairy-free cake recipe for her to bake for her daughter’s upcoming birthday. I consider myself extremely lucky that no-one in my household has a food allergy or intolerance so it’s not something I have to manage on a day-to-day basis, but I know from friends how hard it can be for children who want to be able to enjoy the same foods as others but simply can’t. I therefore jumped at the idea of figuring out a dairy-free cake recipe she could make to help her daughter have a really special day…

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Baileys Cupcakes


Over the past few weeks I’ve been sharing a wider variety of different recipes on my Facebook page, some of mine and some others that I’ve discovered that I think you’ll all like. I’ve noticed a definite theme over there and that is that you all seem to love bakes with alcohol in. Gin seems to be a popular choice, along with Prosecco and of course, Baileys. As Baileys is one of my favourite drinks (it’s just so yummy and creamy) I thought I’d have a go at creating my own delicious cake with it featuring as the main ingredient…

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Baileys Buttercream

It’s been at least a week since I last shared a buttercream recipe with you, so I thought it was about time I posted another one. This one is flavoured with one of my favourite things – Baileys Irish Cream 🙂

I’ve piped this buttercream onto some delicious Bailey’s cupcakes (recipe coming very soon) but it would also go brilliantly with other flavours such as vanilla, chocolate or coffee. As you know, I like to post my cupcakes and icing separately so you can mix-and-match the flavours to your heart’s content.

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Gin & Lemon Scones


I love getting creative in the kitchen testing out new flavour combinations and scones are perfect for a bit of experimentation. The obvious way to tweak them is by adding extra bits such as the fruit in these very berry scones or the marzipan and mincemeat in this festive version. However, you can also get creative with the liquid you use in the recipe too, infusing the dough with lots of flavour. Usually I use milk for my scones, but I thought I’d have a go with gin instead and they taste amazing…

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White Chocolate Buttercream


My buttercream recipes seem to be very popular on here. I’ve had a few requests for a white chocolate version so not wanting to leave you without the recipes you need, here it is! If there’s a flavour of cake or buttercream that’s not on here but you’d like to see, then let me know and I’ll do my best to add it…

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Coffee Cupcakes

Coffee cupcakes topped with coffee buttercream on a wooden board with cake forks at the side.

Of all the cupcake recipes I’ve shared on here (and there have been quite a few now!) this one has probably taken the longest to perfect. I had a very similar problem with this coffee sponge to the one I experienced with my chocolate cake, in that actually when you eat a lot of coffee cakes (and chocolate cakes), pretty much all the coffee flavour is coming from the buttercream and there’s very little coming through from the actual cake.

This was easily solved for the chocolate cake by simply mixing lots of grated chocolate into the cake batter which meant that you got a taste of chocolate in each bite, but you can’t use coffee in the same way so it needed lots more trial and error to get the flavour really coming though…

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Chocolate Custard

I love vanilla custard but sadly it doesn’t quite go with everything (almost everything but not quite!). That’s where chocolate custard comes in, ready to be poured onto delicious warm chocolate puddings or a black forest trifle.

This chocolate custard is a small tweak from my regular vanilla custard recipe, simply adding some chocolate and a little less vanilla (it’s nice to have a bit but you don’t want it to be overpowering). If you don’t really fancy making your own from scratch, but have some ready-made vanilla custard to hand, then I’ll also show you how to turn it into the chocolatey version…

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