Thai Green Chicken Curry


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One recipe that Jon has been nagging me to perfect for ages is Thai Green Chicken Curry. Usually when he requests something new for dinner I jump at the chance to get creating, but Thai Green Curry always seemed like a bit of a faff so I put it off again and again. That was until a few weeks ago when I was asked to create a recipe using ingredients from Very Lazy…

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Crispy Pork Medallions (and Three Delicious Ways to Serve Them)

Pork Medallions

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We eat pork regularly in my house, but it’s mostly in the form of mince, sausages or maybe the occasional pork chop. When I was challenged to come up with a delicious family-friendly recipe using pork medallions I was keen to take up the challenge to try something a bit different.

I discovered that pork medallions are a great base to a family meal… the meat is lovely and tender, they cook quickly (which is great when I’ve got hungry boys to feed) and they’re low in fat too…

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Coffee and Walnut Cake


This Friday is the Macmillan World’s Biggest Coffee Morning and I thought I’d share with you what I’m going to be making to take along to the one at my boys’ school. It’s my version of a classic coffee & walnut cake.

As you may have realised, I’m a bit of a fan of cake. However, there’s one cake I love above all others and that is coffee & walnut. If I spot it in a café then I really struggle to resist buying a slice to have with a pot of tea (as a side note shouldn’t all tea in cafés come in a pot? It’s just not the same having just one cup)…

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Smokey Tomato Roast Potatoes (Roast Patatas Bravas)


One thing I’ve been spotting around quite a bit at the moment is Patatas Bravas. It’s one of those recipes where everyone’s version seems to be quite different, some potatoes are boiled, some roasted, some add chilli, some don’t, some include peppers, others have chorizo, I could go on…

I thought I’d throw my hat into the ring and share my version too…

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Snickers Cupcakes


The idea for this recipe came to me recently when I created my peanut buttercream. It really reminded me of a Snickers bar, so I decided to bring together the other Snickers flavours, chocolate and caramel, and turn them into one delicious cupcake…

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One-Tray Za’atar Lamb


Sponsored by Tasty Easy Lamb.

This week (1st-7th September 2017) is Love Lamb Week, a week to celebrate everything that’s great about lamb, and the perfect excuse to cook some up for dinner.

To celebrate, Tasty Easy Lamb have challenged me to create a lamb dish using just 5 ingredients to showcase just how simple cooking with lamb can be…

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Lamb and Summer Vegetable Chilli


Sponsored by Tasty Easy Lamb.

Chilli con carne is a regular dinner in my house. It’s one of those meals that is really simple to whip up and is perfect for using up odd bits of veg I have in the fridge. Whilst I’ll quite often opt for the more traditional minced beef in my chilli, I love mixing things up a bit and lamb mince makes a fantastic base for a chilli too…

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Delicious Ways to Get More Vitamin D

Petits Filous Title

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Judging from all the pumpkin recipes that are popping up in my Facebook feed over the past couple of weeks, it seems that despite the fact we’re slap bang in the middle of the summer holidays people are already starting to look forward to autumn.

Autumn with kids is a lot of fun, with cozy hot chocolates topped with mini marshmallows and kicking the fallen leaves with our boots on. However, it also means a change in the weather and we get a lot less sunshine (what little we had in North Wales!).

Until recently I hadn’t realised what an important part sunshine plays in our health. Vitamin D, which is essential for having healthy bones, teeth and muscles, is made from the reaction of sunlight on our skin. As there’s plenty of sunshine in the summer this is usually enough to give us what we need. However, Autumn and Winter are a different matter and from October to March it’s important to supplement your Vitamin D to stay healthy.

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Zesty Lamb Koftas


I’m back with another recipe as part of my collaboration with Tasty Easy Lamb and it’s another one that’s just perfect for a summer barbecue.

Quite often when I cook with lamb I like to create a twist on a recipe that’s traditionally made with a different meat to show off just how versatile lamb is, but sometimes it’s nice to get back to the lamb classics and today’s recipe is one of those – Lamb Koftas…

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Chicken Jambalaya (To Fake it or Make It?)

Chicken Jambalaya Title

Sponsored by Weight Watchers.

As an on-off subscriber to Weight Watchers for a long time now (I have them to thank for losing both sets of baby weight), I was really excited to join in their Winner Winner Chicken Dinner challenge to have two Friday nights in. The first where we’d be testing out one of their Limited Edition Chicken Jambalaya chilled ready meals. The second where I’d be cooking a similar dish from scratch…

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